Spelling Test Practice Privacy Policy

Spelling Test Practice (Spell) does not collect any personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, or location.

Purchasing Spell

Spell is sold through Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. Your transaction is with them alone. I receive no information about your purchase.

Other Information

When you create a new user, the user’s name, grades, and misspelled words are only stored on your device. The details are not uploaded to the Internet, and I have no access to them. The data is permanently deleted from your device when you uninstall Spell, or the user deletes it from within Spell.

When you create a spelling list, it is stored only on your device as a .sp7 file.

Spell has no access to the Internet, and thus does not send or receive any information.

Permission Request

Spell will request permission to record audio through the microphone. The recorded audio is only saved in a .sp7 data file along with the spelling of the word.